Saturday, August 20, 2005


Bringing in the sheafs

One truckload of wheat about every five minutes coming in from the fields.

My tractor drivers, permies versus contract, are having a little competition: they have got it into their heads that the one doing the most runs from the fields to the grain driers gets to borrow my Gallardo for a weekend.

The way they are driving them tractors is making me have second thoughts about that one.

But they have to be done by Tuesday night as it is forecast to rain Wednesday early morning, and the straw has to be off the fields too.

We're using two methods of bailing, the old oblong type and the newer circular ones. The trucks carrying the circular ones carry 9 bales at time, 6 on the floor three on top. The truck + pile is higher than the house. The way they come around the corner is a little worrying too, think I might move the cars further down the garden.

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