Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Coffee has no fat

Coffee in its "purest" form has no fat and no calories whatsoever. But here come the shockers:

Here are a few suggestions:

Friday, October 14, 2005


1 hr 36 min 51 sec

1 hr 36 min 51 sec is my new record for my commute.


Careful darlin'

There I was riding my bike, leading the peleton, as I do, when a lady shot out of a junction. I only just missed her and carried on.

A chap behind me shouts "Careful darlin'!"

"Oh", thinks I, "another English type person, I shall say hello."

At the next set of traffic lights I turn and say "That was a near miss hey?"

"Hva' siger du?" comes the reply.

"Sorry, I thought you spoke English."


So, did he speak Danish and I just understood it without realising what language he was speaking? Spooky...

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Overheard in a clients office

"The main advantage of switching to Unix boxes is we won't have to suffer the useless gits they currently have as administrators."

"They're all certified up to point-and-click level 3."

"Having Macafee Virus scanner on a heavily loaded Oracle server is a smart move: it constantly scans the rollback logs for viruses."

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Archaeology and contracting

Ever had that feeling you wish you knew more about archaeological techniques when trying to sort out a clients problem?

Fighting with a jboss installation today. There are two jars with the same name: one in action, one in deploy. In this jar is supposed to be a class with a static method which takes three parameters. Now in the oldest jar, the class is not there, in the newest jar the class is there but the method only takes 2 parameters (I decompiled to check). So it must be somewhere else. A bruteforce search doesn't find it, and getting the jsp to tell me where the class is: URL whereItIs = getClass().getClassLoader().getResource( ); just tells me the name of the jar, which I already know. So the jar is obviously in another jar, and may be nested further.

Now an archaeologist might start first by "field walking", i.e. just wandering around on the site to see if there is anything just laying on the surface, and then go on to a geophysical survey.

Hmm, geophysical survey: I think I need to write a tool that acts like a radar to find where this class might be hiding.

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