Thursday, October 09, 2008


Getting started with Google Android

Some clues to getting started with Google Android development.

Download the Android SDK and get the emulator to work.
Android SDK:

When you've unpacked it and tried to run the emulator you'll maybe get some failure mentioning -datadir .

I generally open up a terminal and create the directory it wants.

mkdir .android
cd .android/
mkdir SDK-1.0

or you could just put it on the command line

emulator -datadir ~/temp

Then you want the Eclipse IDE:

Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers (i.e. the 163 mb one)

Fire up Eclipse and now install the Android Development Tools.

In Eclipse:
Software Updates...
Available Software
Add Site...

etc. etc.

I think it's best to restart Eclipse when you get to the end.

And there you have it, a Google Android development environment.


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