Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Audi 'XX 36 ??7' knocked a girl off her bike

Saw an Audi, registration number XX 36 ??7, knock a girl off her bike this morning, right in front of me. Luckily she was only shaken up. The car failed to stop. As it so happens the car traffic in Copenhagen can be quite a bit slower than those on a bicycle, so after checking the girl was OK, I just happened to catch up with chummy at the next set of lights.

Noticed there was someone who had already given chase, and the furry faced twit was conspicuously ignoring their remonstrations, as the lights changed: he drove on.

As I do, I just laid back and watched the drama unfurl before me, and lo, caught up with him at the next set of lights, and so did the other chap who started hammering on his roof this time.

Chummy floored it and drove through the red lights.

I reckon he knows full well what he's done, hope one day they take his license, before he kills someone.

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