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Thursday, May 03, 2007


MTB HotCup 2007 PMC Asserbo plantage (Tisvilde)

Second round of the MTB HotCup 2007 organised by the Police Mountain Bike Club (PMC) and held at the Asserbo plantage. Managed to complete 3 circuits! Yippee for me!

My full suspension mountain bike is now well and truely buggered so I am in the market for a new one. There again it was past it a few years ago and I had been using it as my 'ice bike', i.e. put some Nokian winter tires on: the ones with the lovely metal studs. Used it when it was too icy to ride any other bike, and crash into cars that cut me up. One gets to appreciate the sublime beauty inherent to the curvy scratches carbide tipped bicycle tyre studs make to a car that cuts you up. Also upped the gears so as to reduce the torque to prevent slippage. But I digress. For this race I decided I ought to be shod in a lovely fat pair of Nobby Nics. Now the rear tire catchs a little on the front deraileur, and due to a slight buckle in that wheel, the rear subframe too. What with the higher gearing, it doesn't go quite low enough to let me climb anything. Ho, hum. Bad workman blames his tools and all that. Yet using a chisel as a screwdriver isn't doing to do anyone any good.

Talking of climbing: they said, on the website description of the course, that if your technique was good enough then the whole course is rideable. Well, exsqueeze me, but there was something that looked distinctly like a set of stairs on one part of the circuit, and really flipping steep ones at that!

Guess I shall have to practice my technique then. ;-)

At one point I found a young lady who had fallen. She was stuck in a very muddy ditch all twisted round so couldn't get her foot out from the pedals, no twist left you see. Everyone else seemed to be just riding past. So I helped her up. My good deed for the day. Just an aging boy scout after all.

On my last round, when I was all on my very lonesome, everyone else either having finished or given up, I was startled by a large (and what appeared feral at the time, honest,) brown poodle crashing through the undergrowth towards me. Luckily it stopped. The noise it made before stopping improved my cadence no end. Up that hill!

My GPS track is pretty pants, looks like the receiver couldn't get a proper signal, but you can get the idea of the route.

The race results, I didn't come last!

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Thursday, April 12, 2007


MTB HotCup 2007 NCK Tysker Plantagen (Hillerød)

I was in a cycle race last night. Round 1 of the MTB HotCup 2007. It was held at the NCK Tysker Plantagen (Hillerød).

Well, I didn't win, but I don't think I came last... Managed two laps, and as I crossed the finish line, a deliberately narrowed zig-zag so an RFID system could take out times, someone crashed into the back of me...

Had a spectacular crash just after the start, right in front of a camera crew that I'd been chatting to earlier. Cleats jammed in the pedals so I was still attached and holding onto the bike when I ended right-side up at the bottom.

"If that ends up on the editing room floor I'm sending it to Worlds Funniest Videos." I heard one of them shout laughingly as I worked out which day of the week it was.

Buggered the bike up and I bent bits so I was stuck single speeding with the chain dragging, slapping and sucking for most of the course. Have a lovely collection of cuts and bruises, yet I feel great!

Pictures from Team Hustler

Pictures from PMC MTB

Pictures from Thomas Stahl

A picture of me with the usual stupid look on my face Why do they always take a picture of me with a silly grin? Do I go about with a grin all the time? Maybe...

A GPS playback

Race results

A Video but not the video, or maybe one has to buy the whole DVD? Dunno. I'll be back on this point.

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