Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Påske Ferie

Plans for this Påske Ferie weekend.

1) I've a load of video editing to catch up on.

2) Seeing as I've just this morning ripped the rear mech off my oldest MTB racer, (I've been using it for winter duties,) that one is getting stripped and up onto eBay with whatever doesn't sell going to the rubbish dump. (Anyone want a titanium quick release? Slightly bent. Recon it'll go for a £5)

3) Being down a bike, I've a good excuse, and the time, to spec up this years tasty racer. Think I'll replace it with a hard tail and concentrate on MTB marathons this year, maybe use them Look VTT Fournales forks I keep meaning to put on something, and them Magura brakes I've got unopened in a box somewhere.

Hmm, looks like I've started the weekend already and in the wrong order there.

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