Monday, March 17, 2008


Old tyre blew off the rim

Thinking it's been a while since I took my faithful old Eddy Merckx out for a spin. So decided to take it out for a little ride.

Didn't get far, as all of a sudden it felt like the back wheel had gone square.

Tyre had blown off the rim, looks like it was perished. Ho-hum, best get a new one.

To get a new tyre had to get the measurements. 32_597 (26 x 1 1/4). Irritatingly they only make this size for wheelchairs now.

Just how old is it?

That old? Can't be.

Best sit down and work out how old it is.
Well, not less that 31 and not more than 35 years old. Not bad for bike tyre that!

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