Tuesday, March 18, 2008


You just can't help some people.

On my regular cycle commute there're a few nutters who just have to be in front. Not that they're fast, they're just a bit up themselves about having to be in front. For example, say I get caught by the lights, they have to push in front and then make it difficult to overtake, so everyone gets caught by the next set of lights, etc. etc..

I am so enured of this that I now recognise this set of people from their bicycles. I notice and slow down. They're not going so far and it is only an extra minute or so being forced to cycle slower, and then they're gone, so I can get back up to speed.

Anyways this morning, one of the usual suspects pushes his way through to the front of the queue at the lights. As he passes me I shout that he really ought to slow down and hold back as it is really icy. I do this knowing he won't be able to take his left turn about 200m further on. He's just not that good a cyclist. I can predict he will fall off, maybe cause a pile up, and anyways everyone will have to stop to help him.

Eh, left turn? Yes, he pushes to the front apparently just to cause everyone to slow for him so he can make his turn a little further on. What a prat! Why not wait behind: won't cost him anything and will save the irritation he causes to other cyclists in making them brake hard.

Anyways, your hero has his helmet camera on and running! So a little devil grabs me: Film it! Film it!

So I sits right behind him, ready for him to fall, ready to take evasive action, maybe take a roll over the top. The prospect of the coming excitement makes my mouth go dry.

We approach where he makes his turn, he's going too fast, he grabs fist fulls of brake and whap, over he goes, I've already worked out where he's going to fall, and which way he'll slide, so not much evasive action to go round as I've already chosen my line. I slow to a trackstand and look back to check he's ok. Yeah, he's ok, he's f-ing and blinding that it was my fault!

No good deed goes unpunished: I tried to warn the sucker and what do you get? You just can't help some people!

Hopefully the video has captured it all, and if so, a link will be posted later.

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