Monday, December 03, 2007


SlushCup 2 HMTBK SRAM Hersetdhøje

Relatively flat course, apart from two hills. Very sticky mud nearly everywhere. Where there wasn't mud, the already attached mud picked other bits of the road surface up and attached it to my bike. The bike ended up very heavy.

First attempt at filming the race. So of course managed to get camera people organised, but forgot to check my own batteries! So no in flight shots. Learning experience though...

As the race was close to home thought I'd cycle there as a warm up exercise, but got lost, (typical,) and spent an hour getting to the start. Luckily several others were heading there, recognised me, (looking lost by the side of the road,) and pointed the right general direction, which was real nice of them.

The warm up served its purpose: boy have I shot up the rankings. Shall do that again, (go for a ride to warm up,) before the next race, to see if it was a one off or does actually help.

The Results from Events4U

The GPS track from gpsies, and my GPS track from MotionBased.

Some video, not mine I might add, but Thomas Stahl Nielsen, I haven't sorted mine out yet.

And Tomas' photographs.

Jens Thomasbergs photographs.


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